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Canada Weed Dispensary: Traveler Tips

If you are a traveler looking to buy weed in Canada there are a couple of things that should get you excited. On the flip side, you need to arm yourself with information on how to do this right, don’t imagine that the Canada weed dispensary works the same way as Wal-Mart or Starbucks. You are not just going to walk to the budtender  and ask them to hand you some OG Kush. Also, don’t expect to find weed dispensaries littering every part of the street. On the contrary, Canadians have to queue to buy some stash from the few legal weed stores in the country. You better know how to find these weed dispensaries and how to make the most of the October, 17th 2018 victory.

Regardless of the province that you will be touring,  Canada is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations. Your cannabis indulging experience will be spiced up by the sights and sounds in the Great White North. If you are an out-doors- adventure person then Niagara falls and the Rockies mountains should be something to look forward to. A polar bear safari or whale-watching experience should make up part of your itinerary if you love wildlife. For the city lover, make sure to visit the CN Tower Edgewalk in Toronto. If your love for the nightlife is matchless, Toronto should be top on your list as it has the most vibrant town life in the country. And in case you didn’t know, most of Canada is very conservative when it comes to night-life; most cities enforce a 3 am curfew after which most establishments can’t serve booze.

Back to topic, just how far can you push your weed exploring spree while in Canada? Let’s start with some definitions.

What Is Weed Dispensary Canada?

A weed dispensary in Canada is an establishment that is allowed to legally sell weed to the public as a retailer. Weed dispensaries in Canada can either be government-run  or privately-run establishments that have been licensed by designated government bodies.

The rules and regulations governing Canada weed dispensary vary between provinces and territories. However, a few things cut across:

  • The provincial or territorial government determines who can sell weed products to the public- the government or private retailers
  • Canada weed dispensaries in every province have to be licensed by the provincial or territorial government- this is mostly executed by the liquor licensing boards. Some provinces demand that the licenses be displayed in full view where the public can see.
  • The federal government determines the kind of products that can be sold in weed dispensaries
  • All retailers must purchase from government wholesalers

If you happen to buy weed from an unlicensed weed dispensary you could be subject to a fine of up to $100,000 and/or imprisonment for up to one year. Hence, it is imperative that you only buy weed from licensed weed dispensaries while touring Canada.

The Ontario cannabis store is a good example of where you can start.

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)

If you happen to be in Ontario you can start your weed escapades by ordering online from the Ontario cannabis store. Note that this is the only legal online weed store in Ontario. The OCS is also the sole wholesaler of cannabis products in Ontario. It purchases weed from federally licensed producers who are regulated by Health Canada.

Buying weed from the OCS is pretty easy if you are of legal age which is 19 years in the province. You can access their website here and peruse through their product catalog. Deliveries are made within Canada, as long as you have verified your age and have made the credit card payment- no cash payments are allowed.

Private retail stores

You can buy weed from authorized brick-and-mortar weed dispensaries in Ontario. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is responsible for regulating weed dispensaries in Canada. The weed dispensaries must display their licenses in the store, so make sure to look for this license in every cannabis dispensary that you walk into while touring Ontario. You can also check the list of authorized cannabis dispensaries in Ontario by clicking this link. Generally, you can find a decent number of legal weed dispensaries in Ottawa, Kingston, Burlington, London, and St. Catherine’s.

LCBO Weed Dispensary In Ontario

The liquor control board of Ontario (LCBO) does not operate any legal weed dispensaries in Ontario. This was the original plan, that the LCBO would be the only brick-and-mortar retailer of cannabis in the province, but it didn’t quite work out. However, The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) is pushing to have LCBO open physical weed stores in the province. This is a recent development that may be perceived as the LCBO looking to cash into the vibrant weed economy.

If you are planning a trip shortly you may not be able to buy from an LCBO weed dispensary. For a later trip, you may just be lucky enough to sample what the LCBO has to offer.

Canada Weed Dispensary:  4 Traveler Tips

1. You must carry your ID

No matter which province you are touring you will be asked to produce a legal identification document to confirm your age. This can be your passport or a government-issued identification document.

2. You cannot buy more than 30 grams

30 grams of dried cannabis, or its equivalent in non-dried form, is the maximum amount of cannabis that you can purchase at any Canada weed dispensary. 

Even if you are on vacay and spending most of your time toking, 30 grams should be more than enough cannabis for you. Considering that most joints are rolled with half a gram this is about 60 joints to devour. 

Can you buy more on another day? Yes, you may, but you can only fly with a max of 30 grams of weed on you at any one point. And we are talking of domestic flights here.

3. Where to smoke weed

This has restrictions too, and you must comply with provincial laws regarding where you can smoke cannabis. Generally, you cannot smoke weed in any area where you cannot smoke tobacco- lookout for “no smoking” signs. This includes most enclosed public spaces such as hotels, hospitals, hospices, libraries, bus shelters and of course anywhere with children within “arms-reach.”

Additionally, you are not allowed to smoke weed in cars. If you happen to be in a car with your weed, you are better off stashing it in the trunk to be on the safe side of the law.

4. Be friendly with the budtender

This is an extra tip if at all you want to get the choicest of buds. The budtender is the person you find selling weed at the weed dispensary. They are probably better versed in understanding the strains and products better than you are. Let the budtender know what sort of experience you are looking for and allow them to advise you on the best cannabis strains and products.

Which Products Are Sold In Canada Weed Dispensary?  

Now is about the right time to be heading north for a good weed experience; cannabis 2.0 happened. Cannabis 2.0 happened a year after recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada: Oct 17th, 2019. Before this, recreational cannabis was limited to dry flower (or bud), tinctures and capsules. Now, you will also be able to buy weed edibles and concentrates from legal cannabis dispensaries in Canada. 

CNN Business reports that this is “projected to be a billion-dollar boon for Canada’s burgeoning cannabis businesses.” For the traveler, this is a great opportunity to try out exciting cannabis products.

How To Find A Weed Dispensary Canada

Of course, you can just Google “weed dispensary in Canada” and several options will pop up. However, a few tools may help you locate the closest weed dispensary to you.

Leafly Store Locator

Leafly has a store locator feature that allows you to find the closest weed store to you. You will be required to key in your age and location and the closest weed dispensaries to you will pop up.

For example, when you key in “Saskatchewan” the following weed dispensaries pop up:

  • Prairie records
  • Living Skies Cannabis
  • The pot shack
  • Fire and flower
  • Canada Cannabis
  • Kiaro
  • Tweed

You can find more weed stores by clicking here.

Weed Maps

Weed maps is also another helpful tool for finding the closest weed dispensary to you.

Once you go to the website, you can select the province that you want to visit and all the weed dispensaries there will pop up. You can then proceed to make individual searches on each of the weed dispensaries to determine if any suits your preferences. You can then add this to your travel itinerary.

What Is An Online Weed Dispensary Canada

An online weed dispensary in Canada is a weed store that sells weed online without having a physical storefront. The Ontario cannabis store is an online weed dispensary. Online weed dispensaries deliver cannabis products to customers living in different parts of Canada- this is also referred to as mail order marijuana (MOM).

Best Online Weed Dispensary Canada

There are several weed dispensaries selling weed online in Canada including:

  • Ganja Express
  • Getkush
  • Green Society
  • BudExpress Now
  • Weed Smart
  • Buy my weed online
  • MJN Express

There are different things that you should consider when determining the best online cannabis dispensary. This includes:

  • The variety of cannabis products
  • The quality of the products
  • The refund policy and money-back guarantee
  • The pricing of products
  • Customer reviews and feedback

Based on the above-listed factors, MJN Express is one of the best online cannabis dispensaries in Canada. You should try ordering weed  from MJN Express when in Canada.

Canada Weed Dispensary Review: MJN Express

MJN Express offers a wide assortment of premium flowers, concentrates, topical, edibles, and accessories you can choose from. Their customer care team is responsive and available 24/7. All the products are of high quality and they are reasonably priced. You can find a good number of positive reviews about MJN Express online.

MJN Express delivers cannabis throughout Canada. They have been featured on Morning Star, Daily Hive, and Business Insider.  

Extra Traveler Tips

Find A Canada Weed Dispensary Coupon (free joint)

If you are looking to penny pinch while on vacay, you should consider using a coupon. You can use the Save On Cannabis website to hunt for Canada mail order marijuana coupon codes. This site helps you find cannabis coupons that are reliable and trustworthy.

Traveling With Cannabis Out Of Canada

Taking cannabis out of Canada will attract a jail sentence of up to 14 years. Whether you stash the weed in your hand luggage or your main luggage, if it is found you will be remaining in Canada longer than you expected. To avoid all this trouble, why not blow the last joint in Canada before approaching the airport? Better safe than sorry.

Exploring Canada weed dispensary should get you excited, but don’t ruin the magical experience by getting “banged –up-abroad.”


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