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I wrote yesterday about my unsuccessful five-year search to find a “perch” here at our home in Franklin – a place for reflecting and resting and reading in the mornings. A place to look out from, with a bit of a view, but mostly a place that provides perspective. This morning, by random occurrence, I found myself sitting in a chair that I never sit in. It’s a great chair, a leather chair that sits in a certain corner of our Great Room. I bought it years ago because I wanted it (more…)

A Place to Look Out From

So, I’ve been looking for the 5 years that we’ve lived in our house down here in Franklin for the perfect place to sit and read in the mornings. It’s kind of like finding the right table at a restaurant or, better yet, the right seat at the right table at a restaurant. You never want to be seated out in the middle of the room – you need to sort of be backed up against something so that you can look out and see all the other patrons, but not be surrounded by them, so that you can hear the rumblings of all the other conversations but still be fully engaged in your own. One of our favorite restaurants here in town is (more…)

The Hardest Thing

As I drove alone on Wednesday morning toward the Starbucks in downtown Franklin I noticed in my rearview mirror a couple in a minivan behind me. I obviously couldn’t hear a word that was spoken, but it was plain to see that they were deep in the throes of their own private war. (more…)

Open Window

I had a beautiful weekend with my family.  It snowed about 3 or 4 inches on Friday so I built a fire that evening and we have literally not left the house since.  I don’t really know what it is, but there’s something refreshing about an unexpected event that forces you to change your plans, or maybe just stop for more than a moment or two. (more…)

The Constant

Here are some thoughts for the end of last year/beginning of this new year written a few weeks ago:

On some old advice, a “good word,” from my dear friend Allen Levi I’ve decided to set aside some time today to “reflect on the past year.” Now, per his instructions, this is not allowed to be a casual thing done in passing, but is intended to be more deliberate.  For a few years running, Allen and I had an annual New Years Eve breakfast at the Pine Mountain Country Store near his home in Hamilton, GA.   (more…)