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The Hardest Thing

As I drove alone on Wednesday morning toward the Starbucks in downtown Franklin I noticed in my rearview mirror a couple in a minivan behind me. I obviously couldn’t hear a word that was spoken, but it was plain to see that they were deep in the throes of their own private war. (more…)

Macs and Mater

Macs and Mater

the perfect medium for sticker art

And this is my son’s new favorite display for his ‘Cars’ Stickers. Mater is his favorite. My computer…um, life…will never be the same. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. By the way, if you’ve never used Goo Gone, it’s seriously amazing.

Guitar Stands and Sippy Cups

Guitar Juice Cup Holder

Guitar Stand Sippy Cup Holder

This is my son’s new favorite place to store his sippy cup.  Add in a can of latex paint and everything in this picture pretty much sums up what my day has looked like today.  Go figure, words like “sippy” are now a part of my vernacular…how exactly do you capture a word like that in a song??  Maybe I can start writing country music…hmmm.