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The River

There isn’t any place on the planet that I would rather be than exactly where I am at this exact moment…sitting on the front porch at our family’s river cabin down here in Georgia. My wife says it’s unfair to call it a cabin because after 30 years and a handful of renovations, it’s really more of a house now, but all I know is that when I was about 3 years old, my father paid $7500 for a two-bedroom, tin-roofed CABIN. My wife is also prone to remind me that anyone with any sense would also lose the “river” part and just call it what it is, a ”lake house.” (more…)

Norman Family Thanksgiving Photo

Norman Thanksgiving

This is the entire Norman Family (except mom & dad) at Thanksgiving 2009 in Columbus, GA. This photo was taken as a surprise gift for mom & dad. (From L-R by Family) My brother Chris, his wife Lisa, their kids Eli, Emma & Carter; My sister Mandy, her husband Chris, their kids Abby, Claire & Jack; My sister Amy, her husband Rich, their kids Lilly, Anna & Maddie; Me, my wife Roshare, and our kids Smith & Miller.