Album Photos/Live Shots/Random Photos

Live at Belmont University Nashville, TN September 2007. Photos by @keelymarie.
Live Shots
Live shots by @keelymarie 2007. And, the old fave image from Ten Thousand Days 1999.

BTD Cover Options

From the ‘Between the Dreaming’ Photo Shoot in Atlanta/aka 3 days before I broke my leg playing whiffle ball. May 2006.
BTD Album Covers
What it looks like when the record label says “ok, choose the cover.” May 2006.
Alaska Cruise 2008. Gabe, Aaron, Mitch, Wayne Watson, me. And, after formal dinner photo (L-R) Aaron & Sarah Shust, Me & Roshare, Keely & Gabe Scott, Susannah & Mitch White.

Norman Family Photos

Smith 2.5 years, Miller 4 months. November 2009. Photos by @keelymarie.

The Normans
Roshare & Me (L-R) Alaska August 2008; Wedding November 2003; Annapolis October 2008.
Miller & Mommy
Roshare & Miller (L-R) Miller one month, 4 days, 4 days. July 2009.
We’re serious UGA fans. Smith at 5 months, 8 months and 17 months 2007/2008.

Photos of things that will never happen…

UT Normans
This photo is obviously SERIOUSLY EDITED!! My next door neighbors are UT Fans…this is their doing. GO DAWGS!!