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Happy Tails to You

Man, I sorta checked out here for the last week or so.  Lots of really good time with family and friends, so I guess that’s a pretty reasonable excuse, but I pretty much bailed on keeping up with the blog so I’m really sorry for that.  Roshare started taking a class from 5PM-10PM Monday thru Thursday, so my normal blog-writing time became a bit more occupied with diapers, dinner, baths, and bedtime.   (more…)


So, I realized this morning that I had never really told the whole story about how the Guitar Auction for Haiti Relief ended up even happening in the first place, much less how unbelievable it ended up ending up. It actually started all because of Twitter. Go figure. (more…)

Macs and Mater

Macs and Mater

the perfect medium for sticker art

And this is my son’s new favorite display for his ‘Cars’ Stickers. Mater is his favorite. My computer…um, life…will never be the same. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. By the way, if you’ve never used Goo Gone, it’s seriously amazing.

Guitar Stands and Sippy Cups

Guitar Juice Cup Holder

Guitar Stand Sippy Cup Holder

This is my son’s new favorite place to store his sippy cup.  Add in a can of latex paint and everything in this picture pretty much sums up what my day has looked like today.  Go figure, words like “sippy” are now a part of my vernacular…how exactly do you capture a word like that in a song??  Maybe I can start writing country music…hmmm.

Down Through Grace

I’m actually feeling the “mundane-ness” today that I wrote of fearing just yesterday.  It’s just one of those days that feels uninspired.  And I get that what I believe IN is not about what I feel – thank God for that – if it were, Truth would ebb and flow with my every whim and worry.  But part of the problem with the mundane is that a moment of it can sometimes stretch and paw and spread itself out until it settles in as it’s own season in my life.   (more…)

The Mundane (Part 2)

I wrote, back on January 16, about the Haiti earthquake – the horror of it all, but also the very real reminder that it had become of what sort of life we’re really called to as believers…how it felt unifying somehow.  And at the end of that post I spoke of my fear that we would inevitably slip back “into the mundane of ‘normalcy’ like moth to flame” and forget that the story is still being told.   (more…)

Open Window

I had a beautiful weekend with my family.  It snowed about 3 or 4 inches on Friday so I built a fire that evening and we have literally not left the house since.  I don’t really know what it is, but there’s something refreshing about an unexpected event that forces you to change your plans, or maybe just stop for more than a moment or two. (more…)


I recorded a Valentine’s Day promotional video today for my record label.  This sort of video is a fairly normal thing to do for big Holiday promotions…you know, the standard “what’s your favorite gift you’ve ever gotten for Christmas/tell us about your favorite family Christmas tradition” sort of thing, or the ever repetitive “what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving” list, etc, etc. (more…)

The Hunted Was God

[Excerpt from an old Journal entry]

I’m reading Annie Dillard this morning and, as always, she is leaving me breathless.  Her words say everything.  Her willingness to find her own reality in the reality of the wilderness is compelling.  She tells a story in Teaching a Stone to Talk (pg. 12) of a man who shot an eagle out of the sky.  When he examined the eagle he found “the dry skull of a weasel fixed by the jaws to [the eagle's] throat.”  This is really a story of a weasel.  She goes on to describe just how this sort of thing might happen. (more…)

Fall Like Stars

The song that my label is currently releasing to radio is one called “Never Saw You Coming,” and I received an email this morning from a radio station in Texas (KSBJ-Houston) asking for an explanation for one of the lyrics.  I think they were really just examining the details of what the song actually means before they decided whether or not to put it out there for their listeners. (more…)

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