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For the entirety of my adult life, almost like clockwork, every two years or so I have been given the gift of being “forced” into taking stock. I’ve often told people that I don’t know how to write songs if I’m not writing them out of my life, out of my own personal experience, and so for me I think it’s inevitable that any new group of songs will tell some sort of story about where they have come from. And so for the last 15 years, 8 times to be precise, thanks to the deadlines that the powers that be “impose” I have been given the gift of taking stock, of evaluating where I have come from, what God has been unfolding – to unpack, assess, organize, (more…)

A Porter’s Call

I can pretty much say with confidence that I don’t think I would be married or still playing music right now if not for the ministry of Porter’s Call.  Almost a decade ago, I was told by a dear friend that I needed to not only meet, but meet with, a man named Al Andrews.  At the time I was reveling (or spiraling, depending on the day) pretty dramatically in a world of on-the-road-unfamiliar-faces that somehow always seemed to be “impressed” with me, my first legitimate radio “hit” in the form of a song called Great Light of the World, my second headlining tour with sold out shows almost every night, no real sense of home, community, accountability, or structure, and a heart that was depleted, lonely, and spiritless.   (more…)

Idols of Misdirection

I’m watching the sun rise over California through an airplane window this morning.  I am on my way back home again.  I don’t know why but there are random moments such as these when I really do understand with clarity the absolute goodness of God.  I have struggled lately in a much longer story with feeling a certain separation from the real source of all that is good in my life, but today it is very clear to me. (more…)

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