I recorded a Valentine’s Day promotional video today for my record label.  This sort of video is a fairly normal thing to do for big Holiday promotions…you know, the standard “what’s your favorite gift you’ve ever gotten for Christmas/tell us about your favorite family Christmas tradition” sort of thing, or the ever repetitive “what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving” list, etc, etc. And no offense to the promotional folks at the label who really do work their butts off to make things happen, but I kind of feel like I might have to draw the line at Valentine’s Day.  And I’m sorry if you happen to be a big box of chocolates kind of gal, but I SERIOUSLY don’t get it.  I mean, if you don’t happen to have a “Valentine” it’s sort of like rubbing it in, and if you do happen to have a Valentine, it’s sort of like rubbing it in.  Maybe it’s because my wife could seriously not care less about it (might just be THE reason I married her), or perhaps it’s because I feel like it’s mostly just a big racket for the flower and chocolate industries, but I find myself a bit cynical about this particular holiday.  Is that wrong?  I mean, is it wrong to feel like if I love someone I should try to let them know it every day, not just this one random day of the year?  Is it wrong to think that it’s much more of a “gift” to surprise my wife with flowers every now and then instead of gathering up the scraps at the flower shop on the day that every lame man on the planet is hunting to “make up for lost time” and maybe, just maybe, get lucky when he gets home?  I don’t know, I’m sure I’m overreacting, but…I don’t think I really care.  So someone told me that when I’m not sure what to blog about on a particular day that I should come up with one sentence that sort of sums it all up.  So here’s my sentence for the day:  Valentine’s Day is d-u-m.  (And yes, I left the “b” out on purpose).

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  • elle wrote on January 29, 2010

    Agreed, it is Sew Dum. To be single is looked upon as some serious ailment on any regular day - when people hear of my disease and being 26, I often get the facial reaction of, "I wonder what is wrong with her?" On Valentines Day, my ailment that I apparently have and peoples reactions are amplified x's 4,653,811,777 billion and the reactions turn to people wanting to pray for me. If I had to guess, I imagine their prayers would be similiar to, "Lord I just ask that you cast the demons out of this woman and heal her." For some reason everyone knows about it too - like my face was on the metro bus and next to it says " PRAY FOR HER SHES SINGLE ON VALENTINES DAY, SEND HER A TEXT OR A FLOWER AND SOME CHOCOLATES AND PRETEND TO BE HER VALENTINE, K?" Bless their hearts, what they dont know is I think about them, "o.m.g . that poor woman, she needs a giant plush gorilla that sings "wild thing", chocolate, and supermarket flowers to confirm that her husband is her valentine and that he does love her!" Either way you look at it, on both sides of the spectrum, Valentines is sew dum - Thx Bebo!

  • Jc wrote on January 29, 2010

    Well, Valentines was much more important when I was in my 20's and NOT married. Now it's not such a big deal. However, I do love some chocolate and flowers, regardless!! But, God really had to grow me up in this category!! I used to be way more materialistic about it. Now it's more like, "We can't afford that! DO NOT waste money on flowers!" Funny how life, time, kids all change us for the better.

  • Bebo wrote on January 30, 2010

    No joke! And I'm a freak over chocolate...but I can tell you I'm not waiting for Valentine's Day to eat some. In fact, I'm gonna have some now.

  • David G wrote on February 1, 2010

    Haha you took my advice but aren't you supposed to blog everyday? It's supposed to be one sentence per day! Anyway, you ought to look at Valentine's Day for it's original meaning to truly appreciate the meaning behind it. SAINT Valentine's Day was named as such because, during a period in Roman history where Christians were persecuted, a priest named Valentines perfromed secret marital for Christians to unite them in holy matrimony. Sadly like all martyrs, he was caught for trying to convert the emperor of Rome. The other version was that Valentines Day was because a war was going on and Valentines was marrying Christian soldiers to their spouses before sending them off to war. It is only in the last 50-100 years that the meaning has become so commercial so instead, think of the day as a time when God's servant was doing His work, uniting His children in the holy bonds of marriage... That being said, I am so gonna stuff myself on post-valentines sales chocolates! Pity I might have heriditary diabetes...

  • Lynne Wheeler wrote on February 2, 2010

    Amen, preach it! I so agree with you! As a woman, I can tell you that I would like to feel loved and appreciated (and to show love and appreciation) every day, not just on a day when I feel obligated or when a man feels obligated to me. I've never been anything but single on Valentine's Day, but I've worked at Hallmark and experienced first-hand the mad dash people make to have something in their hand for their Valentine. The whole thing is way too commercialized and over-priced. I love chocolate, too, but I don't wait for Valentine's Day to indulge. Anyway, you are definitely not wrong. There are so many kinds of love and so many ways to show it, other than the annual flowers and box of chocolates. I think it's time to bring the creativity and spontaneity back to life!

  • Deana Pflug wrote on November 27, 2010

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