Love is Definitely Blind

I went to Chick-fil-a this morning with a couple of good friends of mine that I haven’t seen in while.  We talked about guys who have hairy backs…specifically that little patch of hair sometimes found on the lower-back.  It was deep conversation.  Anyway, it reminded me of exactly how thankful I am that I am not one of those men.  I’m sorry if you are.  I mean, for real, I really am sorry. I’m not quite sure what the lower-back hair patch is designed for – some sort of stubborn evolutionary holdout I suppose – but the fact that it still exists at all in these modern times is beyond me.  And no offense to those of you who have it, but seriously, wouldn’t you get rid of it if you could?  I mean, I know all God’s creatures are beautiful and everything, but for real.  And maybe it’s just because I’m a guy and it’s difficult for me to find the physical beauty in other guys anyway (although I’ll admit, I think Brad Pitt is a handsome man), but has there ever even been a woman who’s thought to herself, “man, I can’t wait to run my fingers through that little lower-back hair patch.”  Doubtful.  But I think it’s like Glenn Beck said the other night in reference to (now) Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts (who once posed naked for some magazine back in 1982), “I don’t understand why anyone would want to spend any time at all looking at the naked male body…because it’s just gross…100% of Americans agree:  Naked men should never, ever, be seen – ever.”  Preach it.  So maybe the lower-back hair patch doesn’t really make all that much of a difference in the grand scheme.  Bottom line is, women are crazy, seriously crazy, for giving any of us men a second look.  Love is definitely blind.

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  • Roshare Norman wrote on January 23, 2010

    Amen :-)

  • Bebo wrote on January 23, 2010

    not funny.

  • SecondChair wrote on January 23, 2010

    I am a back hair sufferer. Back, shoulders, arms. I never, NEVER, take my shirt off in public. My back frightens gown men and makes small children cry. Laser is too expensive and the nair for men only works for a week. What's a guy to do? I await your wisdom!

  • Bebo wrote on January 23, 2010

    Thank you, SecondChair...that just gave me a good chuckle! Oh how I wish I had some wisdom for you my friend!! I can only offer my condolences instead. I say, EMBRACE IT...bring it out whenever possible, all guns blazin! I hear back hair is the new black.

  • Takeheart wrote on January 23, 2010

    ah i would like my comment deleted! there is no button :(

  • Elle wrote on January 23, 2010

    i think back hair is rude, but if you have it embrace it! my advice is to get a tattoo of an animal of some sort on your lower back, perhaps a gorilla, donkey, german sheppard, or moose and then let your back hair grow back... texture is a beautiful thing.. errr. sometimes.

  • Kevin wrote on January 23, 2010

    That is why God made man smart enough to create the razor. Its cheap and easy if other options are too expensive. Also ew. Hey Bebo, We got to hang out some back in the day when you were setting up to play at Kanakuk. You're a solid guy my friend.. thanks for the music. ... Even if I can't buy the Fabric of Verse anymore and mine was stolen from my car... (enjoy Bebo's early album jerk)... :-)

  • takeheart wrote on January 23, 2010

    Im sure the destined love of your life wouldnt mind it at all. i agree with the embrace it approach. confidence is key!

  • Sara wrote on January 23, 2010

    I'm married to a hairy man (which, I believe, has nothing to do with evolution just having a lot hair). I've given up on the idea that he might do anything about it, but I married him just the same. He does shave his ears (the outside edge), thankfully. Yep, he's hairy. Hairy and beautiful.

  • Amy wrote on January 23, 2010

    Well, I think Roshare's comment was quite funny. :) Oh, and Elle's--animal tattoos are a perfect and trendy solution. Clearly, this is why men need women. :)

  • Heather Sepulveda wrote on January 23, 2010

    Mark says that he needs your opinion on his lower back hair. ew. ;)

  • Adam wrote on January 23, 2010

    This has to be the best blog post in history... And the best comments in history as well. Especially Elle's. I'm still laughing.

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  • Bebo wrote on January 23, 2010

    yeah Elle, it would sort of be like your own little personal chia pet

  • Elle wrote on January 24, 2010

    yesssss, exactly! I can hear women say, "man, I can't wait to run my fingers through his Chia pet" [I got a little nauseated when i typed that. ew.]

  • Chad Sheley wrote on January 23, 2010

    I call mine my "assfro". My whole family has them. What ya gonna do?

  • Kelli wrote on January 24, 2010

    HAHAHAHAHA......thank you. Clothing is a wonderful thing, my friend. I totally agree. :)

  • Carlen wrote on January 24, 2010

    This reminds me of something that would be discussed at the dove hunt.

  • Ted Skaff wrote on January 23, 2010


  • Matt wrote on January 23, 2010

    Secondchair, don't be afraid to go shirtless. Just shave your arms and call it a sweatervest. You can even shave out a v-neck if you want. It could be a fashion statement.

  • Bebo wrote on January 26, 2010

    Okay, that just made me laugh really hard. "Call it a sweatervest." that's rich.

  • HGC wrote on June 16, 2010

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