Here’s to the Beginning of a Beautiful…

Just wanted to say a quick hello and give a long overdue but emphatic “WELCOME” to the new website.  Truthfully, it’s going to be more of a “blog-site” than a website, but that really is the point.  All the kids are doing it.  Besides, who can tell the real difference anymore these days.  I think the reason that I want this to be more of a blog than a website is because I hope that it can be about communication more than just information.  People ask me all the time what I hope to accomplish when I play a concert, and my answer is always the same:  I hope it’s more of a conversation than a concert, more substance than show.  That’s what I hope for this site…that it’s more about encouraging relational living than anything else.  And speaking of relationships, I have to thank my dear friend Keely Scott (@keelymarie) for really inspiring and informing the idea that there might indeed be something worth saying here and reminding me that the commodity that we all buy, sell, and trade on a daily basis, whether we know it or not, is feeling connected to something.  She is not only married to my 8-year band-leader (“his blood runs through my instruments”) and one of my best friends, Gabe Scott, but she is also a ridiculously talented photographer and a HORRIBLE mathematician. I also want to say thank you to my good friend Spence Smith (@spencesmith), who is not only the Twitter/Blog/Social Media Guru, but donated a STUPID amount of time to get this thing going in the first place.  And I FOR SURE (sorry, I just realized I’m getting WAY too carried away with the ALL-CAPS thing…) want to thank my beautiful wife, Roshare, not only for getting all the details and wrinkles ironed out from a design and content prospective, but for kicking me (literally) on a daily basis to keep me connected and consistent with this. The beauty of this particular set-up is that Spence and Keely have given us (Roshare, really) the know-how that allows us to pretty much run everything ourselves; so I’m looking forward to allowing the content to grow and change consistently into what it needs to be…and I would love your feedback on what you think it should be as well.  Ultimately, I hope that this will be a place for a simple, honest, and ongoing conversation about faith, culture, music, religion, politics (yes, I said it), struggle, hope, and a world of other things – conversation being the key word.  So here’s to the beginning of a beautiful…BLOGSHIP (ALL CAPS FOR EMPHASIS AND DRAMATIC EFFECT).

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  • Benjamin Bitter wrote on January 12, 2010

    I love the Dan Fogelberg reference! I love when artists, particularly those that inspire my own music, are so accessible. You've never made a bad record, and I love it all. Keep it up, and please come back to Springfield, MO again. Cheers! Ben

  • Lisa wrote on January 18, 2010

    When I attend Christian music concerts I definitely look forward to what the musicians have to say even more than the music. I've seen you a couple times (w/MercyMe and recently with Jeremy Camp) and love your inspirational messages (and the music!), but always feel like it was way too short. More of your wisdom needs to be passed on...the blog is helping.

  • Jack wrote on October 21, 2010

    I just saw a short clip of your fingernail experiences. I too have had them.... Being a cancer patient, I was given a booklet on how to care for skin, hair, and fingernails during and after radiation. When I got to the fingernails, it talked of "polish", so I tossed it, and now I need better stuff then the shoebox full selection of polishes, hardeners, and treatments to be able to continue playing guitar more than a few minutes a month. The hardeners and treatments and polishes together are great and I can now open a door and not split my fingernails. But it all wears out on the guitar strings so I need something better, maybe Jim Dunlap Nylon Fingernails .73mm would be just right...... Well, as per the need, I walked into a nail salon one day to find out about acrylic nails or something durable. The women running the shop were Korean, and me with a half tongue lost to cancer, hard to speak, they couldn't understand very easily what I was saying, one ear not working right I had a very hard time trying to understand them and the form of English they spoke with. And I noticed........ All the women in there, 8 or 9 of them, were all looking at me, and you could see their thoughts on their faces very clearly, from any distance, and a couple of them had little dogs, and the shop owner had 2 little Chihuahua dogs who checked me out and then backed up when the owner began holding my hand and looking at my fingernails, then i noticed the kids that were there with their mothers had the same kind of look on their faces that all the other women had, and those dogs... Well, dogs are just curious, and tilt their heads to when something is strange, but these dogs all had the same raised back head stance, like a "don't come any closer please" look, and then on top of that they all had that same expression those women all had on their faces too.... I just stood there for a minute speechless, looked at every eye in that place, kids and dogs included, more than once in just a couple seconds which seemed like a lifetime, I tried to explain I needed this because my fingernails are like brittle wax and I need protection to play guitar and for general safety besides, but it was just too intense for me in there so I said I had a Dr appointment I was late for and rushed out...... I went in another place in another town that had less people in it, and I got the same looks and didn't stay in there but a few seconds... I sure could use something better than just polishes and hardeners..... If you have any advice from experience please pass it on to me.... I would be thankful for any help with this... I have found a friend who will go in a salon with me and do all the talking for me, but getting together time wise is rough for us.... Love the music.... Jack...

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